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We're OPEN and working hard to be your safe, stress free getaway in these challenging times. ♥️🐾

Updated: May 14, 2021

WE ARE OPEN AGAIN 5/15/20!♥️🐾

Update 5/5/20;

The Gov. of NC announced that the state is beginning Phase One of reopening almost immediately! Even though it's been a devastating 2 months of lost business we would have sacrificed a little longer if the playing field were level. Todays statewide announcement opens most non essential businesses and parks in some capacity. Having watched non stop tourists in the area every weekend during the "closure" with "essential" restaurants serving takeout to the crowds there are days we've felt like the only ones who were "staying home".

We checked with a couple of the larger nearby accommodations who inform us they're opening this week. At 3B’s Inn we’ve decided to postpone for one more week with a reopening on 5/15. Online booking and reservations are up and running now! We’re a small place (limited rooms and they all open to the sidewalk on a big property) so social distancing isn’t much of a problem here and we expect that everybody will be respectful of others while visiting. As a norm we allow NO unreserved visitors or dogs on the property and with the current health concerns this and all other policies will be strictly enforced. We ask that guests wear masks during checkin/tour and whenever 6ft social distancing is not possible. For the foreseeable future we will be masked during interactions with our guests. Please understand we mean no offense but 2 months closure was enough. We simply can’t afford another shutdown due to illness or quarantine. So we’ll do it for us and for you. We’ll also be limiting the number of guests in the breakfast area at one time. As a unique destination exclusively for people traveling with their dogs we’ve always been necessarily focused on cleanliness throughout our property. We’re well stocked on cleaning and disinfecting supplies and nothing about that has changed. Your room, suite or cottage will be clean and ready for your arrival. In order to maximize social distancing and limit contact our normal daily room housekeeping will be extended to once following every 2nd nights stay.

That about sums up our reopening plan. We’ll see what works and modify as necessary and work our way through this together. Look forward to seeing everybody again!

-Glen, Ann, Milo, Duncan & Blossom

Update 5/22/20;

NC Phase two begins with almost all businesses able to reopen including dine in restaurants at 50% capacity!

Update 6/26/20;

As of today, masks are required statewide inside and out whenever 6ft social distancing is not possible and NC Phase two extended for 3 more wks.

Social distancing is EASY at 3B's but there are times when you'll need your mask for a brief time. If you don't have one, we have a limited supply for sale at the front desk.

Update 7/16/20;

NC Phase two extended for 3 more wks.

Update 8/5/20;

NC Phase two extended for 5 more wks

Update 9/4/20;

NC starts Phase 2.5 Details here...

Update 5/14/21;

The Gov. of NC announced today that effective immediately The Mask Mandate has been lifted indoors and out for those fully vaccinated. We at have been fully vaccinated since early April and we can easily accommodate those with and without vaccinations or those who need to continue social distancing for whatever reason. We've been doing it successfully since the reopen last May. We've got this!

As a side note, we had a darn good year in 2020 after the shutdown. Folks quickly realized that we are a small, exclusive, gated property. A perfect (if there could be such a thing in these crazy times) getaway when most couldn't get away at all! 2021 is shaping up to be even better. We feel very fortunate and our thoughts are with other local businesses who've had a tougher time through this.

As we live and learn in the new normal there is little clear guidance offered so we educate ourselves and add to our already stringent cleaning protocols regularly. It's been working VERY well for us since reopening. Between the large gated property and small number of private accommodations, the comfort level expressed by our guests has been gratifying. Our latest measure is "whole room" treatment. All of our Rooms, Suites and Cottage are completely sanitized between stays with an EPA approved (for human coronavirus) surface sanitizer. We've invested in, and apply via, 2 thermal "foggers" that atomize the solution reaching virtually every surface of the room. For those interested, we've done a separate post on our fogging at this link We do this before we even begin our normal cleaning regimen. As possible we're also leaving space between reservations for your comfort and ours. We'll continue to work hard to make 3B's Inn a safe alternative for people and their pups looking for a getaway in these Covid times. Thanks for your support.

Just a reminder...all current and future reservations have been made "post Covid shutdown" and we are fully reopened. Our normal published cancellation and refund policy will be enforced unapologetically. Although it's not something we offer, you should consider 3rd party trip insurance if you have concerns about your dates or cancellation.

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