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A day at the Lake...

Updated: Apr 14, 2019

Can we talk about this for a minute? Like so many others who've landed in the Asheville area, we are transplants. We came from the Northeast where anything that's not a Bay or Ocean is likely called a pond. Lakes, when you find them, are BIG! (like a small Bay) Down this way it seems every farm pond puddle is called "the lake" Well, at 3B's Inn Bed, Breakfast & Biscuits we have a lovely one acre, heart shaped... pond...lake...pond??? We so want to get the local terminology correct but we still get confused about what to call it. WHATEVER... it's beautiful!

Anyway It's great for people and their dogs to swim in and I guess it's not typical since it's spring fed, clean & deep (12-15ft in the middle) and full of life with ducks, frogs and all kinds of breeding fish.


FISH! Yes, we've got a bunch and their size and numbers have grown rapidly since we arrived probably due to our not allowing fishing. Hold on, before you get too upset about not being able to cast a line in our pond, think about it. Fish hooks and puppies are NOT a good combination. Nobody wants that! 🐕🐾 Plus Ann's taken to naming said fish so now we've got MORE pets in our very own giant aquarium!

The smallest but most numerous are our Bluegils or what's called Brim if you're from the south. Smart little buggers. They've got great eyesight and will follow you up and down the banks in a pack! When they start to "nest" in the spring the bottom of the pond looks like craters on the moon!

Moving up in size we've got an ever expanding population of Large Mouth Bass, a Pearlscaled Goldfish named Titlist (he looks like a big golf ball🏑 ) and a couple of medium size orange and white koy we call the "cream sickle gang."

Then There's the BIG un's!

Sharky's our big Catfish who lives under the dock. He's the better part of 2ft long and can usually be coaxed to the surface with a taste of Ann's corn bread. He's a lazy slow mover and seems to be the only one of his kind. We've never seen another in our pond. Hard to get a good picture of him. You'll just have to come meet him for yourself!

Speaking of big, the largest of our fish are our grass carp. Sunny, Bubba, Torpedo and Nessy (our very own mini loch ness monster 🤣) All with origins unknown but we're guessing well over 10yrs old. Sunny's the easiest to spot with her bright orange color and while she's big, she's not nearly the largest of the four. (Someday soon I'll tell you the story of her rescue & recovery after we almost lost her!) She's our "pond dolphin" She's getting more used to people and dogs and was curiously swimming alongside our Chocolate Lab Milo one time last summer. We think Torpedo's probably the record holder for size. His darker color makes him hard to spot but he's got to be every bit of 2 & 1/2 feet long, maybe more.

It's a little hard to see but I finally got a pic that shows Sunny's size. You can see her out beyond the walking bridge and by looking at our ducks in the foreground you get an idea how big she really is!

So that's the lowdown on our little "Lake" or "Pond" 🤣. Whatever you decide to call it is OK with us. It's a special part of our property that makes 3B's Inn THE Playcation Destination for People and their Pups.

Now's a great time to plan your visit. Spring is here. The water's warming up for a swim and remember we're just 20 minutes from downtown dog friendly Asheville, NC

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