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Pardon my French but did you ever stop to think how many tennis balls a place like goes through in our dog park? We didn't but we do now! At about a buck apiece from Petco or the Sporting Goods store!!! and... for us basically disposables. Rubber that heads straight to our landfills to sit for Millenia! Same for all those worn out and thrown away all over the world by tennis players. Well, there's a solution that we wished we'd found sooner. Powered by Wilson They provide recycle bins and shipping labels to Tennis courts around the globe.

They accept ball returns in any condition and recycle them into things like new tennis courts, sign bases, playground ground cover etc. and sell just a small portion of these used balls to "dog people" like us on the cheap with the hope that we'll get good use out of them and keep the process going by sending them back when the pups render them unusable. What a Win...Win...Win... With a great program like this available we're pleased to say we should have an endless supply to keep everybody's pups happily playing, and our first box of 200 arrived just in time for the weekend!!!

So...when you're here with your pups please remember NOT to throw them away even if they're flattened. We'll put 'em aside 'til we have enough to send back.

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