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Covid-19 UPDATE 3/21/20

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

Covid-19 UPDATE 3/21/20

3B’s Inn Bed Breakfast and Biscuits voluntarily closes temporarily in accordance with White House and CDC recommendations.

…We actually began the process about a week earlier than that and now with the Statewide shutdown it seems it was inevitable. As the Coronavirus continues to spread across the U.S. and the world the financial consequences to families and small businesses like ours are devastating. Thanks to all of you we were well on our way to our best year yet and suddenly we’re closed with all reservations for the year cancelled or postponed and uncertainty as to when travel and tourism will be safe again. We’ve seen some businesses try to hang on until ordered to close. While we understand the desperation to keep operating there comes a point when it seems selfish, if not irresponsible, to promote or encourage folks to move around freely during this pandemic. The risk to everyone’s health FAR outweighs the financial reward. Ironically there's some sense of relief in having our gates temporarily closed. Another thing we’ve seen is businesses seeking support through gofundme and similar sources. At 3B’s Inn we’re not sure how we’re going to weather this time without any income but in our case we just feel it’s the wrong approach to ask others to step up when the entire country is wondering how they’re going to pay the bills tomorrow. But… If you were planning a trip and choose to make a reservation now for later this season and we’re still under a travel advisory at the time of your visit we’ll honor your reservation for up to a year. So…yes we’re in a rush but…we won’t rush it. We hope when this is over you’ll all come back to us quickly and in even greater numbers to help us save and grow this business dedicated to the enjoyment of people and their pups.

Wishing you all Peace & Health in this challenging time. See you soon

-Glen, Ann, Milo, Duncan and Blossom

3B’s Inn

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