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EV's at 3B's

Personally we're still torn on the Electric Vehicle issue. Looking at both sides we wonder if the fossil fuels required to generate the volts and the lack of viable battery recycle/disposal tech. justifies the "green" hype but...we digress. Let's talk about EV's at 3B's

We see more and more EV's these days at the Inn and while we applaud the forward thinking we do not allow charging of vehicles here. We can make the case by way of our concerns that higher than average Amp cords running across our driveway/sidewalks plugging into plain hotel room outlets creates a safety hazard for all guests but perhaps a more compelling reason is that while inflation and prices have skyrocketed, we have, on average, raised our rates less than $1.50 per night per year since opening! Simply put we don't charge ya'll enough to pay for anybody's "gas"

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