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Helping our environment what?? at a time!

Crafted right here at 3B's Inn. Anybody wanna guess what this is besides a great basket for puppy toys?

Here's a couple close-ups inside and out

And... the process *which works best with a helpful Coonhound assistant 🐾 😉

Stumped? Well... it's these. No kidding. Completely woven from plastic shopping bags!

92 of them to be exact. Yup...

That's 92 Bags!!!

and before we go any further... NO Ann has not taken up full time basket weaving at 3B's Inn Bed Breakfast & Biscuits nor is she planning on weaving in the 3B's logo to sell them at breakfast 🤣 but, as you can imagine, owning an Inn we shop for groceries ALOT! That means lots of plastic bags and our impact on the environment was bugging her so she says "I'm gonna reuse them and weave them into baskets" OK, well it turns out 92 bags takes a pretty long time to make into a relatively small basket! That aside, they're amazingly cool and a valiant effort by my better half to help our environment

... one BAG at a time.

P.S. the funny irony is that near completion of her first basket Ann ran short on bags. I had to insist on double bagging at check out on the next grocery run to keep her supplied. Thank goodness there's no shortage of plastic bags! 😂🤪😉

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