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It's a ZOO out there!

We were having drinks with friends not too long ago. Friends that didn’t know us before our move to the Asheville area and the creation of 3B’s Inn Bed Breakfast & Biscuits. That evening we had a lot of fun telling the story of what we were doing before 3B’s Inn and seeing their surprised reactions to where we came from. We thought we'd share a bit of that here. A little of it will be repeated info for those who have regularly followed 3B’s Inn on Facebook over the last few years but some of it will be new to all!

So…as way of further introduction here’s a bio article on Ann and myself that first appeared in our local Fairview, NC newspaper shortly after 3B's Inn's opening, along with a couple photos from those previous zoo adventures. As you can see our idea of “pet friendly” goes way back, it just wasn’t always focused exclusively on dogs!

3B's Inn Fairview Town Crier

Glen & Gator

Ann & Cheech

Black Bear Cubs

Black & White Lemur

Cheech and us

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