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Lake Lure boating & fishing opportunities can include your pup pals too!

Lake Lure is a quick 15-20min drive from our property at Here's the view from my kayak on a couple of mountain morning adventures. STUNNING! isn't it

While our pond at 3B's Inn is clean and fresh and we encourage swimming, paddling, etc. we don't allow fishing mainly out of concern for having hooks around visiting dogs and because we consider our fish permanent residents and a lot of them have names! So... guests often ask us about boating or fishing on Lake Lure and wonder if there's any way to include their pups. The answer is Yes, and we can help!

There are only a few fishing guides on the Lake and even fewer that will welcome your dog to come along. is one we've fished with. Capt. Steve's boat is perfect for fishing and also comfortable and roomy enough for extra people and dogs. He has 4hr morning and 2hr evening trips available most days.

Capt. Steve's boat

Fishing with Lake Lure Fishing Excursions

So you want to motor out on your own with plenty of room for everyone including the pups. You can rent a full-size 20-22' pontoon boat by the day or by the hour at and their rentals are dog friendly. Here's a pic of their official mascot Whinnie with some of the LLAC crew.

Whinnie the official welcomer and some of the crew at Lake Lure Adventure Company

Finally, if you want something less complicated we can point you to rentals of canoes, kayaks or paddle boards that are roomy and stable enough for people and pups. Our personal boat is a 14' Mad River Passage. We call it our canoe-yak. It works well for some quiet Lake time with 2 people and one of our 3 dogs.

Here's a pic of someone else and their pooch in a 14' Mad River Passage just like ours

If you bring your own canoe or kayak remember all watercraft, even without motors, (including paddle boards) must have a Lake Lure boat permit and you'll need a NC fishing license if you want to drop a line. We're happy to assist with these or anything else related to recreation on the Lake. Just ask!

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