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The times they are a-change'n...the Asheville Citizen Times that is

All the rooms, suites and cottage at 3B's Inn Bed Breakfast & Biscuits are not only dog friendly with beds and bowls for your pups but each also has some sort of unique dog artwork. These 2 prints grace the wall above a wicker headboard in the room we call the Southern Charmer and there’s a story about how they got there.

When we first came to visit Asheville it was to check out the area's dog friendly reputation and look at potential property to set up 3B’s Inn. Now remember this was still nothing more than an idea on a cocktail napkin. So... so... soooo far from a real thing! Seeing a few properties including this one, got the wheels turning but it was still pretty much a fantasy. At least that was my perception at the time. After all it would involve leaving jobs, selling our home, packing up and moving half way across the country, buying something here and then surely spending close to a year under renovation and construction. It wasn't hard for me to say...No, we can’t just do that! Ann’s perception was a little different. During the trip we found ourselves in a well known Asheville vintage shop called The Regeneration Station. Pawing through a bin of old photos we came upon the two cute pup pics you see above. Turns out they originally ran in the Asheville Citizen Times newspaper decades ago. It was at that moment I heard her say, for the first of many times since, “we need these for our new place." To which I promptly replied...uh..wait...what...we don’t have a new place!

Anyway, that was 3B’s Inn’s first purchase, long before there was such a place.

Most expensive $16 we ever spent but she was right (that happens a lot) and here we are!

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