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Turbo charged housekeeping during Covid Times

The other day we were talking with a local friend about ways we've been educating ourselves on health and safety for the accommodation business in the new normal. As a fellow business owner he thought we should be promoting what we do and asking folks if other places they might be considering for travel are doing as much and if not...??

We thought It might be "TMI" (too much information 🤪) for some. Things you'd just rather not think about but... probably should. Then again it's all part of how we're doing our best to make a safe, comfortable and stress free getaway for people and their pups. So here goes...

First we have a sanitizer/disinfectant that is not just a generic cleaner. It's EPA approved for human coronavirus by name!

We utilize it in various dilutions for so many things around the Inn these days but here's a quick look at how we use it following guest checkout and BEFORE we even begin our normal cleaning/laundering process in the rooms suites and cottage.

For this pre-cleaning sanitization we're using 2 types of thermal foggers depending on the surface and circumstance.

The first is "whole room" It's remote controlled and produces a small droplet disinfectant fog that reaches every square inch of the room. Take a look at this demo video to see it in action...

Best guidance says while this "float" and long hang time helps reach every nook and cranny it can also take more than 1/2 hour to settle on surfaces so we give it some time.

That's why we have thermal fogger #2. This handheld unit creates a larger "wet" droplet that we use on bathroom fixtures, tubs/showers and any other areas that can benefit from, and tolerate, a heavier application...

Are we going a little overboard? Maybe, but I can't see anyone ever complaining about us taking too many precautions! 😷🤣. Do these things add considerable time and cost to our daily operation? Yes! Have we raised our rates? NO! There'll be an appropriate and necessary time for that on the other side of Covid. For now we're thankful to be open and available. These days we're always looking for new ways to stay ahead of the crisis as we learn to live and do business safely. We do this as much for our own health as for our guest's and we appreciate your support and confidence.

-Wash your hands -Wear your mask -Hug your Dog!

Stay safe & healthy. See you all next visit.

Glen, Ann, Milo, Duncan & little miss Blossom

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06. Nov. 2021

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