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No doubt we've been around the block on this a few times and our answers are always the same, just stated in different ways. For your review, a reprinted compilation demonstrating our firm position on Policy, Cancellation & Personal Responsibility...

No exception to policy.jp2
pandemic cancel.jp2
Booking agreement.jp2
Booking agreement.jp2
Booking agreement.jp2


And finally...if you've made it through making a reservation and completed our mandatory pup profile form, one more clear reminder that must be 
acknowledged before submitting...

Terms of Service from dog profile.jp2

In addition to all of the above, many of the same terms are provided in your reservation confirmation and again in periodic reminder emails sent as necessary leading up to your stay.

Considering the number of times throughout the reservation process that guests are made aware of terms, it is understandable that our policies are non-negotiable and fully enforced without exception.  


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