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Check in Check out


Check in time for reserved guests is from 3pm to 6pm(Don't lose the gate code from your confirmation email)

*No late check in without prior arrangement.(please make your request at least 24hrs before arrival)

*Late check in fee will apply IF we're able to accommodate your request.(no guarantee that we can)


*Check in will not be allowed after 10pm.

*No early check ins (we have a lot to do between 11am-3pm and will not be ready for you early)

*No late check outs.(please see above & below)

Folks... we're a small two person Mom & Pop operation and the Inn is also our home. This is not a traditional hotel with a reception area staffed all day and night. Please respect our time & schedule as we've already devoted 12hrs each day on behalf of our guests and their pets by the time 6pm rolls around. Check out is 11:00am which means actually leaving the property affording us just enough time to prepare for the next guests. At 3B’s Inn it's not just a room turn around for new incoming guests, it's an entire property turn around.

Please plan to be on your way NO LATER THAN 11am to avoid automatic additional daily/nightly charges.

Smoking / Cooking / Campfires


NO smoking/vaping within 50ft of any buildings. NO burning candles/incense or anything else.  If smoke is detected in any accommodation a cleaning charge of $150 will be applied to guest bill and guests will be asked to leave with no refund.


No cooking of any type except in kitchen equipped suite and cottage or at our outdoor grills. Camp fires operated by management at their discretion. 


Dog Guests


Upon making reservations guests will receive a link to our "dog profile form." The form is simple and designed to ensure the safety of your dog(s) during their stay. Please complete and submit this form electronically before your arrival. Dogs must be friendly with people and other dogs. *No dogs in "heat" please. It can create temperament issues in your dog and others. Room rates are based on 2 dogs. IF YOU’RE TRAVELING WITH MORE THAN 2 DOGS YOU MUST EMAIL, TEXT OR CALL BEFORE BOOKING TO ENSURE THAT WE CAN ACCOMMODATE EVERYONE OR RISK CANCELLATION. There will be an additional $25 charge per night / per dog over 2 if we allow for your situation.


A copy of recent Vet records are required showing that your dog(s) are current on vaccinations for Rabies & Distemper (included in DHLPP vaccine) Titers accepted as alternative. Bordatella is recommended, but not required (all guests acknowledge bordatella waiver at time of reservation) Guests will need to E-mail this info to us no later than 24hrs prior to their visit, allowing us time to review for correctness. No dogs will be allowed to check in without this info on file 24hrs before arrival. We also ask that your dogs are on a flea and tick prevention program. 

We understand that dogs bark, talk, whine, cry:-) HOWEVER, Guests must take all measures to prevent their dogs from frequent or habitual barking, howling, crying, or yelping. Human guests should also refrain from loud, frequent, or habitual barking, howling, crying, or yelping.


In an effort to prevent injuries to both dog and human guests, dogs must be on leash unless in fenced play area or swimming in the pond. 

We have complimentary Dog Cabins which are yours to use if you decide to leave your dog behind while you go out and about during the day or for dinner. Kennels are not for overnight use as we are not a boarding facility, we are a hotel for people traveling with their pups. While we prefer you use the dog cabins while you are away, we understand this might not be the best fit for every dog. If your dog is well traveled (not their first rodeo in a hotel room), crate trained, potty trained, not an excessive barker, escape artist or furniture chewer, doesn’t have separation anxiety, won’t bark excessively if they hear management vacuuming next door, and/or is otherwise a well behaved pup, you may leave your dog unattended in the room. Again, be mindful of other guests’ comfort and experience. You know your dog. Understandably, if there is damage or accidents, you will be responsible for the repairs, emergency repairs, replacement, labor costs and/or excessive cleaning. You authorize 3B’s Inn to charge your credit card on file for full reimbursement of damages. Please notify us promptly if something happens. This is a new exception to the rules. Please don't ruin it for future guests. We trust everyone to be responsible and respectful. For the safety and enjoyment of our guests and our property, we reserve the right to change or alter these rules as we see fit. IF YOU ARE QUESTIONING your dogs behavior while left unattended in a room, we ask that you kindly take them on your adventures or leave them in one of our on-site, complimentary dog cabins/kennels. 

Accidents and dog waste


All guests are responsible for cleaning up after their own dogs. Upon check in each guest receives a complimentary 3B’s INN “poop bag” dispenser with bags. you’ll find receptacles around the property for depositing dog waste.


ALL visiting dogs MUST be FULLY housebroken. We understand that accidents happen. If your dog should have an accident in either your guest room or the Dog Cabin, please clean it up immediately and let us know ASAP.   You will find cleaning supplies readily available in both areas. Dog accident clean up and dog waste pick up on grounds or in buildings is not the responsibility of housekeeping or groundskeeping.  





Please understand we are a unique pet ready destination and while we’ve taken the unusual step to not charge an upfront deposit, 3B’s Inn reserves the right to full reimbursement for any damage or cleaning costs caused by human or dog guests. Well behaved dogs and humans only please! There is not enough time, nor do we make enough money to be painting and repairing between guests yet we will if necessary because we have a hard earned 5 star reputation to maintain. In those rare instances of damage, given the short time between guests, those repairs are always emergency repairs and may be a more costly charge than you expect so again... Well behaved dogs and humans only please! We require a credit card (NO Debit) on file during your stay that will only be charged in the event of such damage or cleaning. (This includes cash customers)



First...Because it STILL happens on occasion and in case you missed it in all the other places on our site... RESERVATIONS without a Dog will be unapologetically cancelled without refund! 3B’s Inn, EXCLUSIVELY for people traveling with their dogs. That's what we do...that's all we do.

Reserve early. There are busy times throughout the year that 3B’s Inn is waiting list only! Reservations can be made online ( preferred) or by calling us at (828) 625-4926. We will confirm your reservation by e-mail which will also contain a link to our 3B’s Inn Dog Guest Profile Form. When making your reservation be absolutely sure to enter a valid working e-mail address otherwise you will not receive the confirmation including the Dog Profile Form link, the vaccination requirement reminder and the entrance gate code. If you haven't received our reservation confirmation within 24hrs of booking, please contact us or we'll assume you have received all info. required for check-in.

Upon making a reservation you will be charged a deposit equal to 1/2 of your total stay. The balance for your stay is due at check in by cash or credit card and will include 11.75% NC state and county occupancy tax & 3.5% credit card processing fee. Room/Suite/Cottage rates are based on double human occupancy plus up to two dogs.(if more call for availability) Children 12 and older welcome and dogs of all sizes dependent on which Rm/Suite you choose. 

Cancellation Policy (please review all details in booking agreement at time of reservation)

  •  Deposit refunded less $50 admin fee for cancellation 30 days or more  prior to arrival.

  •  1/2 deposit refunded for cancellation 15-29 days prior to arrival.

  •  No refund of deposit if reservation cancelled within 14 days of arrival.

  •  Guests can request that deposit be retained for future booking within 12 months, if cancellation is made  more than 30 days prior to reservation checkin date to avoid the $50 admin fee.

  • Guests will be charged full balance of stay if cancelled within 3 days of arrival.


Please note;

Guests are afforded 24hrs from time of making a reservation to request any changes after which cancellation policy is in FULL effect.

There will be no refunds for circumstances involving, but not limited to, weather, television/ WiFi outages, power failures or early departure. Refund policy for cancellation by 3B's Inn do to cause or non-compliance will be same as cancellation by guest. Credit Card fees are non-refundable and will be deducted from any refunds due.


If you have concerns about your dates or cancellation for ANY reason, including pandemic, we suggest you seek 3rd party trip insurance. Once you complete a reservation you are contractually bound and have agreed to all terms and policies without exception.

We cannot risk repairs to rooms after dogs ("not MY dog") have destroyed them, caused themselves injury, or have disrupted the experience for other guests.  This is why we created the dog cabins as a safe, clean, comfortable alternative.(Learn more on our what to expect page)

If other guests are uncomfortable with your dog(s) for any reason, we ask that you make every effort to respect those feelings. Aggressive behavior not immediately addressed may result in guests being asked to leave without refund. Please be willing to work together to make this a good experience for everyone.

For the comfort and safety of our guests and their pets, and for insurance considerations, use of our property is for 3B’s Inn reserved guests ONLY. No unreserved visitors (guests of guests), unreserved dogs or children under 12 allowed. We are an EXCLUSIVE gated facility created for people traveling with their dogs. Gate code will be provided with reservation. Code is for reserved guests ONLY. Please respect other guest’s privacy by not sharing the code.

Feel free to enjoy all the indoor and outdoor features of our facility at your own risk. There are no pet (or people) safety monitors, lifeguards etc. Guests are responsible for their own actions and those of their pets and children while on the property. In consideration these and other concerns, we are not suitable for younger children and 3B’s Inn welcomes children only if over the age of 12, NO exceptions. Children must be closely supervised at all times. 3B’s Inn assumes no liability for the actions or interactions of guests, children or pets. 3B’s Inn shall be held harmless for any accident or injury whatsoever that may occur on the property during occupancy. 

Please review ALL the information on our website, especially the “about” and “policies” pages, before arrival. We developed them to insure a safe, enjoyable and stress free experience for everyone. Failure to comply with our policies may result in guests being asked to leave with no refund. Making a reservation online, by phone or by any means is acknowledgment that you have read and accept the information and policies as detailed within.


3B's Inn room dog clean up station
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