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It's in the bag...My daypack picks for our newest stomping grounds around Asheville & WNC

Updated: Dec 31, 2019

To borrow a line from Samuel L. Jackson “what’s in your wallet” or in this case, what’s in your daypack?…which all sounded better when I wrote it than “you show me yours & I’ll show you mine ;-) "

Look at us. A couple of **Bada#%** hikers... who can't take a selfie to save their lives! Read on to find out what I carry on a typical outing.

My pack philosophy comes from years of various outdoor pursuits. Montana to Texas, the Catskills to Mexico. Now living outside Asheville, NC the treks can go from mild to wild. You might be an hour from the trailhead, or you might find yourself half a day or more out! Even in my 50’s I’ve been called “Boy Scout” a time or two and my pack reflects that for sure. I’m prepped for the expected couple hours with enough essentials to make an emergency, including an unanticipated overnight on the trail, at least tolerable while keeping size and weight to a minimum. The hope is always that some of the extras, especially the Med. gear, never gets used but…

**Sh*@** happens says this guy while holding up two fingers and reciting “always prepared” like a true Boy Scout (I did warn you about that!) So, here’s my stuff.

I’ve had a ton of packs over the years of all sizes, some costing big bucks but my latest is small, lightweight, decently made and, perhaps best of all ,it was REALLY inexpensive at our local Walmart. I wouldn't have thought it possible but I'm pleased!

Attached to the outside of the pack are;

  • 750ml Camelback water bottle (not a big fan of pack bladders)

  • Whistle and mini ball compass.

  • Single 1.2KN Carabiner

On the Outside

On the Inside;

My Emergency kit is a small 6x7 inch pouch in the bottom of my pack and while it’s not that big, it might be more than some would choose to carry. To me It’s 24oz of “what if” that’s worth the weight every time! Here’s the rundown;

  • Para cord bracelet

  • Pocket mirror (multipurpose)

  • Black electrical tape (multipurpose)

  • Mini lighter & 1 package of Trioxane firestarter tabs

  • Magnifying Lens (Just in case I lose my readers plus I’m pretty good at making a fire with it. Yup, no kidding... it's what I do)

  • Space blanket, foil type x 2 (because Ann doesn't need, or want, to carry much of anything when she's with Duncan and the "scout" light mama us boys got this )

  • Mini straw water purifier (because a 750ml water bottle only goes so far)

  • Meds in a watertight vial. Several each of ammodium, benydril, ibruprofen, plain aspirin, prescription painkillers + regular and butterfly bandaids

  • Olaes modular pressure bandage

  • Tourniquet, blaze orange, wide elastic (multipurpose)

  • 25g Hemostatic sponge

Emergency Kit

The rest of my pack gear consists of basics, some of which could serve double duty in a tough situation but mostly things I bring just to make the poking around enjoyable and interesting;

  • A couple energy bars/napkins/wet wipes in ziplock+extra ziplock

  • Brimmed cap

  • Light gloves

  • Blaze orange safety vest

  • Fleece beanie

  • Mini headlamp

  • Pocket knife (blade/saw combo)

  • Compact Binocs *read more about that in our other post here*

  • I always carry my cell phone which works surprising well in the NC mountains around us.

With all the items listed, this small daypack is surprisingly empty with room to spare for some lunch, an extra fleece or vest (depending on weather) and it’s still not at all stuffed or heavy.

This daypack along with our hiking sticks are stored under the bed in 3B’s Inn's “Magic Bus” which is our self converted van / RV / dog hauler complete with The 3B’s Inn graphics on the back. If we do say so, it’s a marvel of self contained adventure fun and a great rolling billboard for our place. You can’t miss it! But that’s a story for another time. If you spot us at a trailhead or on the road be sure to say hi and if you’re traveling with your dogs check us out at and on Facebook. Come stay with us. You’ll enjoy some of the best outdoor activities anywhere including AWARD WINNING trails that literally start at our door!

Lastly, in case you were wondering... are the trails around us Dog Friendly? YES, of course and Duncan approves! He's even learning to carry his own pack & gear.

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