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Your other hosts... 3B's Inn Bed Breakfast & Biscuits. As you might guess, folks nutty enough to open an Inn EXCLUSIVELY for people traveling with dogs must have dogs they travel with. Yup, we do! Wanna meet 'em?

Milo is our Chocolate Lab. He came from Texas (Labs for Rescue) at 13wks and he'll be 10 this year. Typical Lab, he's pretty mello and mostly well behaved. Since coming here he thinks he's moved to Disney! You can almost hear him say "Really... that pond is mine?" He LOVES to swim but if there's one thing I could wish for, It'd be for him to do some dock diving. Darned if he doesn't sprint down the dock right next to me and then... hits the brakes at the last second and watches me fly head over heals. EVERY TIME! :-)

Milo Puppy

Milo & Me

Milo & the chicken

Duncan...duncan...duncan...what can I say? Our little Coonhound. He's definitely the 3B' Inn's mascot. It's like living with a cartoon character. Our guests love him and most leave with at least one photo of this clown. We adopted him at 11wks from American Lab Rescue and he'll be 5 in May. Here's the ironic twist to his story. He was born in Tennessee and we were living on Long Island at the time. They delivered him all that way and we ended up moving with him almost right back to where he was born! Very sweet and VERY sensitive, he's a surprisingly eager swimmer for a hound. When he was little we leashed him to his brother at the beach and let Milo help us teach him to swim. It's been non stop ever since. He's also the MOST stubborn dog I've ever met and his mouth is CONSTANTLY active, quite often for absolutely NO reason other than to hear himself talk or sing! I'll have to get Ann to work on a clip with him in full song sometime soon. She's his preferred partner for duets :-0

Duncan & Ann

NOT a fan of Winter!

I'm gonna sleep ALL day!

I've included a few of our favorite vids & pics. of our pups. We also have a page (actually lots of pages!) on our website called Pup Pics where you can scroll through ALL the dogs who've stayed at 3B's Inn. If you haven't visited already, come on up! We'll add your pups to our giant family portrait.

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